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Recent Tweet May Prove Perpetual Motion



The device is the Modular Trough Leverage Device and similar designs, invented to my knowledge since the Nov. 9th – 10th Experiment proving a marble could be lifted by the same lever that it later activates.

(No joke, seriously, seriously. Perpetual motion, probably.).

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How to Build a 21-Dimensional Universe


A treat originally written in The Dimensional Phenomenologist’s Toolkit as “(The) Tracery View”. (not yet published in book form as of June 2015):

Here are the twenty-one dimensions or levels of critique, which apply to aspects of all dimensions:

[1] Infinite extension of no content.
[2] Content that consists of extension.
[3] Extension of something more complex.
[4] Complex extension.
[5] Complex extension of something complex.
[6] Complexes of complexity by some more complex process than complex extension.
[7] Double-complexity.
[8] Ambiguous extension of content.
[9] Extension of double-complexity.
[10] Complex extension of double-complexity.
[11] Complex, ambiguous extension.
[12] Double-complex extension of double-complexity.
[13] Double-complex complexes doubly-complexly extended.
[14] Triple complexity
[15] Arbitrary extension of content.
[16] Extension of triple-complexity.
[17] Complex or doubly-complex extension of triple-complexity.
[18] More-than-complex, arbitrary extension.
[19] Triply-complex extension of triple-complexity.
[20] Triply-complex complexes triply-complexly extended.
[21] Quadruple complexity.

Also available as an article in Hyper Criticism at HERE.

The Beginning of the End of the Dark Age of Perpetual Motion


Several recent indicators show that there may soon be a shift in attitudes towards perpetual motion.

1. I have received several compliments from relatively experienced viewers suggesting that it is possible even for experienced people to be un-critical of my designs.

See blog links HERE and HERE for their statements.

If it’s any indicator, the first potential critic has posted 11,830 posts related to physics and perpetual motion.

2. I have experiments which give evidence of partial perpetual motion, suggesting that under the right manufacturing conditions, perpetual motion can be built.

3. Very recently I have published an autobiography titled ‘The Autobiography of the Inventor of Perpetual Motion’. The purpose of the book is to create greater exposure for what I believe to be genuine perpetual motion principles.

I have a major website on perpetual motion machines. And books on the subject can be purchased here:

Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory

Autobiography of the Inventor of Perpetual Motion

Designs & Theory & Autobiography Bound Volume